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How much does renter’s insurance cost with a pit bull?

How much does renter’s insurance cost with a pit bull?

Renters insurance covers liability costs, making it a valuable investment for pet owners with furry friends who could injure someone or damage your property. Failure to notify your insurance company of the breed type may result in denial of the claim, in which case you would be personally liable for the costs. Dogs known to be aggressive, trained attack dogs, unneutered male dogs and dogs with a history of biting are usually excluded, according to American Family Insurance. Ronda Lee is an associate insurance editor at Personal Finance Insider and covers life, auto, homeowners and renters insurance for consumers.

If you have homeowners or renters insurance, dog bites are covered under your policy’s liability coverage. So even if your dog is not dangerous, the breed’s reputation makes insurance companies unwilling to insure it. This is a separate policy that is useful if your homeowners or renters insurance does not provide coverage for your breed. Of the two main coverages of renters insurance, personal property and personal liability, the personal liability portion of renters insurance covers damage or injury to others caused by your pet.

Renters insurance covers your personal belongings in case of fire or windstorm (called “named perils”). Pet liability coverage is included in the personal liability coverage of a renters insurance policy. When you take out a renters’ insurance policy, you will need to decide on a limit of liability coverage and you will be responsible for expenses above that limit. Company rules may vary by state and insurer, so you may want to call several of the best renters insurance companies to see if you can get coverage for your pit bull.

Similarly, if your pet is injured inside or outside your flat, renters insurance will not cover the vet bill. You should be sure to shop around to find the best renters insurance providers to meet your needs and make sure you get the lowest rate. In most cases, your pet is covered for injury or property damage to others under the personal liability portion of your renters insurance policy.