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Is reddit rental insurance worth it?

Is reddit rental insurance worth it?

Yes, renters insurance is definitely worth the money. I just had a fire at the place where I was staying and although nothing was destroyed, everything had smoke damage. You don’t want to be put in a situation where you owe tons because you weren’t insured or not insured enough. I have only had renters insurance for the last year, and have not had to file a claim, but I think the low cost is worth it for the peace of mind.

I’ve had very good experiences with them so far (they compensated me for some stolen panniers from my bike, pretty quickly too) but I don’t know anything about renters insurance. Interestingly, I am covered up to 100 per cent of my belongings in a rented vehicle, so when I move, my belongings will be covered when I use a rented truck, as long as I have rental insurance at origin and destination (which is achieved by notifying them of the move). Also, it wouldn’t hurt to specifically insure any professional equipment you have, whether it’s an instrument, an expensive camera, etc. If something happens that is the fault of another tenant, it is very likely that your landlord’s insurance will not cover your losses.

Feel free to redirect me if this is elsewhere, but I didn’t see anything in the insurance section. It was actually cheaper to get both renters insurance and car insurance bundled through my insurance company than just getting car insurance alone. Actually, the main reason you should get renters insurance, even if you have limited items, is for the personal liability coverage. In the middle of dealing with my insurance (Assurant) at the moment for water damage and mould in my old flat.

Basically I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with renters insurance and if it’s worth it (assuming your landlord doesn’t require it). Since I was playing devil’s advocate, I didn’t turn it into a knock-down, drag-out fight, but I told the girl that if she wanted to see the state’s renter’s handbook, I could show it to her. If you say Keurig coffee maker then the insurance company would find the cheapest Keurig in the place. Also, when you pay liability just on your car it ends up costing more than if you also have liability on your renters insurance, somehow.

In my town there was a big flood recently, and pretty much the only people who weren’t hurt were those with renters insurance.