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Does the renter’s insurance cover aggressive dogs?

Does the renter’s insurance cover aggressive dogs?

Yes, renter’s insurance covers dog bites. If you are a renter and a dog owner, we recommend that you take out renters’ insurance, as your personal liability protection usually covers dog bites and other damage your canine may cause. Renters’ insurance liability coverage does not cover injuries your pet causes to you or damage to your property or your flat. However, if your dog damages someone else’s property (for example, if he urinates on a friend’s expensive carpet or tears up your sofa), the liability part of your renters’ insurance may step in to cover the damage.

Depending on the insurance provider, coverage for certain breeds of dogs and exotic pets may be excluded. This is even more true if the claim proceeds to court if the victim is unwilling to settle with their insurer. We work with over 50 leading national and regional insurance companies to provide you with trusted options. Pet liability coverage is included in the personal liability coverage of a renters insurance policy.

As you may suspect, some breeds of dogs are excluded from the liability protection of your renters insurance policy. If your dog has bitten someone, insurers are likely to consider it a higher risk, regardless of breed. Renters insurance covers liability costs, making it a valuable investment for pet owners with furry friends who could injure someone or damage your property. This is because the insurance company sees a claim as an indication that such damage could happen again, so you are charged more to compensate for that increased risk.

All insurance products are governed by the terms of the applicable insurance policy, and all related decisions (such as approval of coverage, premiums, commissions and fees) and policy obligations are the sole responsibility of the underwriting insurer. The liability portion of your renter’s insurance can help pay your friend for damages, up to the limits of your coverage. For example, if your senior pet has an accident on a carpet owned by your landlord, this would not be covered by renters insurance. So if your cat smashes up your leather sofa or your dog swallows your engagement ring, your insurance company probably won’t pay.

If you have a pet of a breed that is not on this list, check with your independent insurance agent to determine if your dog’s breed is commonly excluded, and if so, from which insurers.